Day 9 of Parasite and Womb detox

I am hungry and I do not want to eat what I have already prepared. However, this is not about what I want in this moment. It is about what I need. I'm not gonna tell yall what I want to eat. Yes I will. Popeye's Chicken!!! BUT I'm gone eat the Black rice and okra that's already prepared. It only needs to be warmed up. I'm craving Popeyes but it's not me craving. It's the parasites craving that salty and seasoned chicken. And I'm on my cycle. So there's that. I can actually feel one of the parasites in the sole of my foot moving and itching. It's not bad, but I'm clear on what it is. I've been doing parasite detoxes since 2009. Its recommended by Dr. Eshe Faizah

4xs a year. Detox worms with the seasons. The Summer Solstice is this Saturday. The day after Juneteenth. It's a magical time. And we are in a historic time.


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