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Rev. CT Vivian and Congressman John Lewis

Good morning. It is a bittersweet,

myoho/mystical, "coincidence" that 2 of our Civil Rights Icons have left this Earth, physically in the same day. Congressman @repjohnlewis and Rev. C.T. Vivian, ATL Civil Rights Icons. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting both. Congressman Lewis, was so personable and sweet. I was in awe of meeting him at ATL Pride a couple years ago. I was actually on a jury(my 1st ever jury duty) for a car accident case that Rev. Vivian was a defendant in. To this day, I believe the woman that was suing him was as yall call it now, "clout chasing". I did not vote for her to win either. The reason why I moved to ATL and am still here is because of the legacy of the Civil Rights movement. These men worked so I could BE. Atlanta gave me the hope and audacity to be Black, excellent, self determined and free. I will always speak their names and continue to do my part for my people, because of them. Thank you both for your works. YOU ARE TRUE KINGS #congressmanjohnlewis #goodtrouble #civilrights #civilrightsmovement #atlanta #revctvivian ❤🖤💚✊🏾

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