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Good morning! I hope all is well. I'm working on my new Strategic Self Care and Fibroid Freedom lifestyle service business. This is the name and new look for it so far. My maternal great-great grandmother was a midwife. Her name was Hattie Louise Pegues. My maternal grandmother was named Evelyn Marion-Carter, who died from Uterine Cancer. The biz name is homage to them and because I love the female reproductive system so much. My biz serves women who are looking to take better care of themselves, women who want to heal fibroids naturally, women who have had Myomectomy/Hysterectomy wanting to live a fibroid Freedom lifestyle and not have the tumors come back after surgery. An ebook series, fibroid freedom lifestyle courses and Yoni Steaming services will be available. We launch Sept 15. Interested? Reply with

your email here to get on the email list today! Stay tuned.

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